Roasted Arrowhead Cabbage


Produce used:

  • Arrowhead Cabbage
  • Garlic Scapes

Arrowhead cabbages are one of my favorite items that we get in our shares.  They’re less pungent than most cabbages and have a nice soft texture as opposed to the crisp heads of cabbages which are good for slaws and sauerkraut.  Since these don’t have the same crunch factor, I like to roast them.  This is a tried and true recipe from our previous CSA share and makes an easy side dish.  This time I served them with grilled kielbasa.  Kielbasa and cabbage just seem to go hand in hand!

To make the cabbage I cut them in half, cored them and then cut them into quarters.  I drizzled the quarters with olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper and some chopped garlic scapes on top (scallions would work well too).  I roasted them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, sprinkling some gruyere cheese on top just before they were finished.


Verdict: a good recipe that highlights how sweet and buttery the arrowheads are – enough for sides for dinner with some leftover for lunch the next day.

Here’s a picture of the full meal – roasted cabbage, grilled kielbasa, and skillet roasted potatoes made with some of the fresh thyme from this week’s share.



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